27 Best Low-Carb Foods of All Time

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(Last Updated On: November 1, 2019)

There has been a large surge in interest for low-carb diets in recent years, with diets like keto and paleo leading the charge, and it isn’t hard to see why.

Many university and clinical studies have shown these types of diet plans to have many great benefits from weight loss to better health and athletic performance, longer lives, and a lot more!

Read on for this list of 27 of the absolute best low carb foods out there.

These aren’t just the ones with the lowest carb count (looking at lists that list “water” as the top low carb food) but foods with the vitamins, minerals, and other ingredients that will supercharge your body in every way!

Our Top 27 Low-Carb Foods for Weight Loss

1: Eggs

a carton of eggs

Eggs are probably the ultimate superfood, period.

They are absolutely loaded with protein (all 9 essential amino acids in fact), good cholesterol, and a wide array of minerals that the body needs.

This includes vitamins and minerals that are often very hard to find elsewhere like selenium, phosphorous, iron, and more.

Eggs are also incredibly low in calories for everything you get usually in the 70-85 calorie range depending on size and yet manage to keep you full.

They’re great for breakfast, as a filling salad garnish, another protein packed side to steak for dinner, and hard boiled eggs even make a great snack. Eggs are truly the ultimate low carb super food and should be a part of everyone’s diet.

2: Avocado

avocados are on example of healthy fats

Avocados are more popular than ever, and are often referred to as a superfood and that description is apt.

This is by far and away the best low carb fruit with a very low number of carbs even by many vegetable standards that offers a wide array of good fats that are healthy for the body and help improve heart health while protecting from a wide array of diseases.

This becomes #1 on the list for vegans in particular, who will struggle to get a lot of the right fats into the diet.

Add in an overabundance of minerals, strong source of Vitamin E, and the texture that can replace creamy or rich foods that are terrible for people and it’s easy to see why avocado deserves to be near the top of this list.

3: Spinach

Green leafy vegetables are great for low carb diets in general and spinach is among the best. An excellent source of iron, potassium, folate, fiber, and a variety of vitamins spinach has long been known to be a healthy food and is far better than conventional lettuce in virtually every measurable way.

4: Pacific Salmon

a salmon jumps out of the water

Fatty fish are among the healthiest foods in the world, and salmon is one of the best of the best.

Filled with protein, B vitamins, and Omega 3 acids, among other things, salmon has long been lauded for its exceptional quality.

However, you want to always look for Pacific salmon, preferably wild caught or from the Alaska area as Atlantic salmon loses a lot of its luster due to pollution and contaminants that the Pacific cousins don’t have.

Some studies show massive positive body changes with only 2 servings of salmon a week.

5: Tuna

Tuna is another outstanding fish that delivers massive protein and satiates you in even small amounts. This is a great low carb food however you want to limit the amount of servings seeing as how mercury becomes a concern with large ocean fish on the top of the aquatic food chain.

6: Bison

bison is a great high protein food

Bison is an overlooked meat that is fantastic.

Full of omega-3 and omega-6 oils that are good for the health, incredibly lean for a red meat, and coming from animals that enjoy a natural diet, bison meat is some of the finest that can be found anywhere and is the ideal red meat.

7: Chicken

Ideally, the chicken will be skinless and without hormones. Free range is better than not, but this isn’t as big an issue with the nutritional value of meat from chicken as opposed to other animals (and thus meat types) on this list.

8: Asparagus

a bunch of asparagus

Asparagus tastes great, has more of a body to it than many other types of veggies, and gives a large dose of hard to find Vitamin K which is crucial for blood clotting and strong bones.

Add in a healthy amount of antioxidants and its positive role in helping prevent diabetes and other preventable system diseases and it’s hard not to love what it brings to the table.

9: Kale

Arguably the king of the greens offering a lot whether in a green juice, sauteed up in a stir fry, or used as a regular green with others on this list. Kale is a stunningly good leafy green that fits into any low carb diet.

10: Sardines

pacific sardines are a healthy seafood option

Sardines are one of the most nutritionally packed foods in the world and offer a huge punch in a tiny tin.

One serving gives a quarter of your calcium needs, a huge dose of protein, plenty of Omega-3 acids, and Vitamin D.

They have a very long shelf life. Ideally you want them in oil, but water is fine – just take it easy on the salt!

11: Bell Peppers

They add color, they add flavor, and they give plenty of important minerals in the body while staying extremely low on the calorie count. Easy to add to a variety of dishes, as well, making them a very versatile addition to your low carb diet.

12: Green Beans

Hearty, tasty, and offering plenty of vitamins and minerals, green beans also stick out as being filling for a vegetable which helps stop hunger while the “high calorie count” for veggies still means they are very low in calories overall while delivering so much good.

13: Olives

olives for sale in the market

They offer a lot and are among the lowest carb veggies, to the surprise of many.

Good as a snack, true olive oil is also a good choice as a frying oil if you are on any type of low carb diet.

14: Broccoli

Broccoli can be cold, it can be steamed, and it is an excellent vegetable that offers plenty. Loaded with fiber, Vitamin C, and a wide array of antioxidant minerals, more broccoli in any diet is a good idea.

15: Cauliflower

High in vitamin C and vitamin K, Cauliflower is a low carb veggie that also receives very high marks for improving digestion and helping to restore balance to internal hormones, which can have a cascading series of positive benefits for weight loss, overall health, and more.

16: Grass-Fed Lamb

Another great red meat option for low carb diets that packs a lot of nutrition into a small serving but we wary of fancy sauces or breading that could shoot up the calorie and carb counts.

17: Pork

some nice cuts of port

White meat is a solid choice of protein, although with pork it’s important to watch out for growth hormones and try to go with small farm operations that avoid this type of usage whenever possible.

18: Brazil Nuts

Loaded with tons of minerals, fiber, and protein, it’s hard to argue with all the benefits that Brazil Nuts bring to the table and this is doubly so for male athletes or males low in testosterone as Brazil Nuts have been shown in studies to help boost the body’s natural production levels. Snack, but remember that all nuts are very calorie dense so don’t snack mindlessly.

19: Venison

venison is a great protein source

Wild game is consistently shown to be healthier than mass farmed food, and venison (deer) is an incredibly lean meat that is very popular for good reason.

The same amount compared to beef is often 1/2 the calories, 1/5 the fat, and has the same or more protein. Venison: beloved part of a low carb dieter’s dinner!

20: Halibut

Awesome fatty fish with stunningly white flesh, halibut is not only delicious but it’s a very nutritious and high-quality low carb food that delivers a very different taste experience from tuna, salmon, and sardines while still delivering plenty of nutritional benefits.

21: Grass-fed Beef

Beef can be a great addition to a low carb diet but it needs to be organic and grass fed, not factory farmed, and the leaner the better. If kept to those standards, some beef can be a great addition to most low carb diets.

22: Chia Seeds

Chia seeds are a superfood

A superfood that is great for almost any diet plan, this is another high iron and protein source other than meat that adds in stunning antioxidant properties.

23: Walnuts

Nuts are almost always a welcome part of any low carb diet and walnuts are among the most delicious without having any added glaze, sugar, or salt that can make them unhealthy. Snack responsibly as they are calorie dense.

24: Pumpkin Seeds

An increasingly popular snack, especially lightly roasted, pumpkin seeds offer a wide array of beneficial minerals that will help to fuel you through any low carb diet while doing your inner system good!

25: Ghee

A stunning and awesome replacement for cooking oils or cooking with butter. Positive fat great in taste and full of better minerals.

26: Kiwi

two kiwis cut in half

If you must have some fruit here or there on a low carb plan, a medium sized kiwi is a great choice.

Less than 100 calories in many cases, filled with seeds, these fruit are loaded with minerals and vitamins. Some common in fruit, many hard to find, and does minimal damage on the calorie count but keep it to one a day max.

27: Strawberries

While not the lowest carb food, among fruit strawberries are actually relatively low in carbs so if you have a sweet tooth that won’t be denied then going with a handful of strawberries is the best way to stay on the low carb plan, get heavy dose of vitamins, and stay on track.

Final Thoughts

The list above is a great place to start if you’re looking for some awesome low-carb food options that can help with weight loss.

If you feel like you need additional help, there are also low-carb programs, like the South Beach Diet, that can point you in the right direction too.

Get started with our guide to Phase 1 here.


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