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Best Diet Shakes for Women in 2020

Wouldn’t it be great if it were just as easy to lose weight, as it is to gain it?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case for most people, but the good news is, there are ways to lose weight fast, and it can actually be pretty easy.

One of the fastest and best ways to lose weight is by replacing one or two meals throughout the day with a meal replacement shake.

This helps cut down on your overall calories for the day, but if you pick the right shake, it can also help cut out extra carbs, sugar, and some of the other things that can lead to weight gain.

With so many meal replacement shakes out there, though, it can seem almost impossible to know which ones actually work, taste good, and are designed with the unique needs of women in mind.

Luckily, your search can end here, because we’ve done all of the hard work for you!

Below, you will find this year’s list of the Best Meal Replacement Shakes for Women, and honestly if you’re looking for a shake that actually works, you can’t go wrong with any of the options on this list.

Before we dive in though, let’s take a look at our top-rated shake of the year: IdealLean.

Here are just a few of the reasons that IdealLean is the perfect shake for women:

  • DESIGNED JUST FOR WOMEN: IdealLean has been formulated to meet the unique nutritional needs of women, and can work great as both a workout shake or for meal replacement.
  • TASTES GREAT: Ever had a protein shake that tasted awful? That’s not the case with IdealLean! You’ll love the creamy texture and taste, and comes in a variety of delicious flavors!
  • JUST 80 CALORIES! Low in calories, but high in protein so you feel fuller longer and get what you need to power through your workouts!
  • AFFORDABLE: These are some of the most affordable, and high-quality shakes we have found, and right now they’re offering some great deals!

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Now, let’s take a closer look at our top shakes list:

1: IdealLean Protein Shakes for Women

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Our top choice for meal replacement shakes for women is the IdealLean Protein Shake (read our full review here).

All of the IdealLean products are designed specifically for women, so they have been designed and engineered for you. That means rather than helping you add bulk, their protein shake promotes lean muscle growth, when used properly, which would be considered a good thing for most women.

Key Features

  1. Detailed Meal Replacement Shakes
  2. Only 80 Calories Per Serving
  3. Protein-Rich Shake (20 Grams Per)
  4. Smooth Tasting Flavor
  5. 0 Fats Or Carbs
  6. 100% Whey Protein Isolate
  7. Flavors Include: Cake Batter, Chocolate Coconut, Strawberry N Cream, Chocolate Brownie, French Vanilla, and Pina Colada)

Key Ingredients

  1. Cocoa
  2. Mangosteen
  3. Sodium Chloride
  4. Whey Protein Isolate
  5. L-Glutamine
  6. Folic Acid


The benefits of IdealLean Protein shakes come from the easy to mix powder giving one enough value for a long time to come. This easy mixture means the shakes taste rich and smooth, and are packed full of great flavor.

The shakes can also be paired with other IdealLean products like their BCAAS and Pre-Workout Mix, so if you’re serious about getting in amazing shape, you can combine all three for a supercharged fitness program.

One of the best parts about these protein powders is the unique flavors such as pina colada or cake batter, which are not provided by other brands on the market.

This can make a difference for those who are looking to find a comprehensive solution that tastes great at the same time.

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2. Shakeology


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Our final choice on the list of our favorite meal replacement shakes for women is Shakeology, by BeachBody.

This shake has earned critical acclaim in the weight loss industry for its nutritional benefits and amazing results.

It is a great pairing with many of the Beachbody workouts and lines of products, including their Challenge Packs, so it can be a great option if you’re also in the market for some great fitness products at pretty reasonable prices.

Key Features

  1. Simple To Use Meal Replacement Shake
  2. Created By Beachbody To Partner With Its Programs
  3. Designed To Help Lose Weight
  4. Packed With Protein And Healthy Nutrients
  5. Eliminates Cravings For Junk Food
  6. Comes In 7 Flavors (Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla, Greenberry, Chocolate Vegan, Tropical Strawberry Vegan, Cafe Latte)

Key Ingredients

  1. Whey Protein
  2. Quinoa
  3. Yacon Root
  4. Invertase
  5. Moringa
  6. Spinach
  7. Kale
  8. Acerola Cherry

These are all-natural ingredients sourced from some of the finest lands in the world. Beachbody is well-regarded for paying attention to its ingredients by creating world-class proprietary blends, and Shakeology is an industry leader for this reason.

We rank Shakeology right up there with Shake360, but the one reason we have it ranked slightly lower is because of the price.

That being said, you can get your month’s supply of Shakeology for $99 when you sign up to become a BeachBody Coach, so if you’re interested in making extra money by promoting some the best fitness and weight loss products on the market, then this is an option you may want to consider!


The premium benefits of Shakeology comes from the variation in flavors and the nutrient-dense blends. Beachbody is one of the most respected names in the weight loss industry, so partnered with their world-class workout programs, these shakes can be a robust solution.

This puts it ahead for those who are looking to make a comprehensive change to their lifestyle including the workouts they complete.

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3: IdealShake from IdealShape

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IdealShake (see our review) is another great offering for the folks at IdealShape.

I personally love this shake because it tastes great, has a wide variety of flavors to choose from, and is one of the more affordable shakes on the market.

There are plenty of other reasons to choose IdealShake if you’re looking for a solid option, but here are just a few of the other reasons that this should be near the top of your list:

Key Features

  1. Lots of Flavors: Chocolate, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Mocha – just to name a few!
  2. Smooth Texture
  3. Unique Hunger-Blocking Ingredients
  4. Controls Hunger for up to 4 Hours
  5. Just $1.67 per meal, or less depending on their current deals
  6. All-natural blend

Key Ingredients

  1. 11 Grams of High-Quality Whey Protein
  2. Slendesta Hunger Blocker
  3. Lots of Vitamins and Minerals
  4. Only 1 Gram of Sugar
  5. Vitamin B12


IdealShake really is one of the best shakes out there, and it’s a great option for women who are looking for a solid and healthy meal replacement option. The biggest advantages are probably it’s low pricing point, the wide variety of flavors, and it’s powerful hunger blocking capabilities.

I have been using this shake right after my afternoon workout for the past several months, and it is a great mid-day meal that helps tide me over until dinner.

What’s Inside Your First IdealShape Order:

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How Do Meal Replacement Shakes Work?

The premise behind these shakes it to provide a “meal replacement” for what you would regularly consume.

The average person is going to head over to the fridge, pack their plate, and eat as much as they can.

This is one of the prime reasons for why they’re unable to lose weight as required.

To ensure this doesn’t happen, researchers have worked hard on creating high-grade meal replacement shakes for long-term results.

These shakes fill the stomach and don’t have as many calories to add weight to your frame. This is important because most weight gain issues come from some calories you’re consuming.

As long as those calories are kept down, a person can eradicate all of the excess weight from their body in a hurry.

There are clear directions given with each shake making sure a person is on the right track. Some providers are even offering workout programs along with their shakes to make sure a complete lifestyle change is activated. An individual who does this and drinks the shakes will be well on their way to positive results.

Benefits of Meal Replacement Shakes

What are some of the advantages with these meal replacement shakes for women? Why are so many flocking towards them and think these options are the real deal?

It starts with the profound results millions of people have already seen. It is a simple scientific process where you eat fewer calories and still maintain the same amount of nutrients.

The goal is not to starve as some diets tell you to do but to eat well and still lose weight. Is this possible? Yes, with meal replacement shakes it is, and that’s why they’re beneficial.

The best part about using these shakes is they’re already better than what you would have otherwise been consuming. They have high amounts of protein, fiber, iron, and vitamins. You will see your body flourish when these are added to your diet.

All of these meal replacement shakes are well-tested meaning you’re getting proportional value for each serving.

Features to Look For:

What should the average woman be looking for who has never consumed meal replacement shakes in the past, but is interested in the purchase?

There are several features you should consider before you move forward, and are all present in the shakes we presented above.

  1. Flavor Profile/Richness
  2. Reputation Of Company
  3. Protein Per Serving
  4. Vitamins Per Serving
  5. Natural Ingredients


Finding a high-quality, delicious, and effective meal replacement shake that is made just for women, may seem difficult, but it’s actually easier than you might think!

IdealLean has made the decision pretty simple, but designing a protein-rich shake that only has 80 calories, and is made with the unique nutritional needs of women in mind.

The best part is, it’s a protein shake that actually tastes good!

You’re sure to love the variety of flavors they offer, the smooth, rich taste, and you should be even more impressed with the results it can help you achieve with the right diet and exercise program!

Ready to try the best meal replacement shake for women?

Now is a great time to lock in big savings on IdealLean!

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