Military Diet Review: Does the 3-Day Diet Work?

military diet reviews
(Last Updated On: October 30, 2019)

The US has more than 1,400,000 active military personnel donning its uniform, and the numbers are growing.

These are military professionals with a broad range of educational backgrounds and experiences. However, all of them come together on one aspect, and that is their love for the US. This is why it’s important to analyze their diet and how they prepare to get fitter, healthier, and leaner.

This is where the military diet comes into the equation.

Here is a look at what it is and the main advantages the diet offers.

What is The Military Diet?

very fit members of the miiltary

Let’s begin by analyzing the military diet and all that it encompasses.

The military diet is built on the shoulders of a 1,400 calories/ day plan. You are not allowed to eat more than 1,400 calories, and they have to be spread across three meals. During the day, you’re welcome to drink as much water as you prefer.

Specific foods are included in the diet with allergy-based alternatives (if necessary).

Benefits of the Military Diet

1. Fast Weight Loss

What is the primary focus of getting on any diet in the modern age? You want to lose weight!

If that is the goal, don’t you want a solution that is to the point and used by military professionals in the US? If so, you are going to want to take a look at this diet. It is the best for those who want to shed a lot of excess fat and do it as soon as possible.

This is among the fastest diets in the world.

2. Three Days On and Four Days Off Per Week

a member of the airborne

Yes, this is all you’re going to need to go through a weekly cycle of this diet.

It is built around the premise of rapid weight loss, and that means in duration too.

All it takes is three days in your schedule (consecutive), and the weight will start to shed. Follow this diet to a tee and make sure you’re stringent during those three days.

For those who follow through on this diet, your results are going to be out of this world. You will feel fitter, healthier, and leaner than ever seen before! Yes, it is that good at what it has to offer.

3. Easy To Prepare Meals

4 members of the military police with a helicopter in the background

What about the meal prep and how long it takes the average person?

The meal prep is simple, and that is because the military has a lot of things to focus on. They don’t want to spend their entire day in the kitchen as that is wasteful. Instead, they go with the simplest meals to get things done based on science and biology.

They want to maximize the human body, and that starts by optimizing time spent in the kitchen preparing meals. Follow this diet, and the meals will become a breeze to put together. This is what makes it unique.

4. Affordable

military members taking part in training

Don’t have a lot of money to spend on food?

Most people don’t, and there is no problem with this at all! In fact, the military is strict when it comes to expenses and wants to teach its personnel to remain budget-friendly.

Due to this reason, the diet is easy on the wallet and is not going to put a dent in it.

You can trust the process to lead you down a path where weight is shed, but your wallet doesn’t start to feel lighter.

Anyone on a budget should take a look at this diet first.

5. Rigorously Studied by the Army

Why go with a diet that is not studied by professionals? The military spends millions of dollars on its dietary plans, and this is one of the best on the market.

You can save a lot of time and money by trusting the army on this one.

Military Diet Alternatives

some of my favorite dinners on the table

While there are a lot of pros when it comes to the Military Diet, it’s not going to be for everyone.

Remember, it was designed for members of the military, so it’s reserved for the best of the best.

That means, it’s going to be harder to follow for the Average Joe, which means you may need to try something that’s designed for everyday folks.

If you’re looking for some good alternatives, be sure to check out The Diet Dynamo homepage for list of some of favorites.

Here’s a quick look at our Top 5 list:

  1. Nutrisystem
  2. South Beach Diet
  3. Weight Watchers
  4. Mayo Clinic Diet
  5. BistroMD

These aren’t the end all of be all of diets, but they are a good place to start if you’re looking for an alternative to the military diet.

Nutrisystem, South Beach Diet, and BistroMD (get the full details here) are all meal delivery diets, which means they ship you most of your food for the month right to your door.

the brand new weight watchers freestyle plan

This is great for folks who prefer a done-for-you system, and really hate going to the grocery store.

I know this has been my preferred weight loss style, but I’ve had success with Weight Watchers too.

Weight Watchers (check out their new Digital program here) and Mayo Clinic Diet, meanwhile, give a program to follow that teaches you what it takes to make healthy eating and exercise choices. These are great options too, and are great for people who love to cook, and don’t mind buying lots of fresh groceries.

Either way, just find a diet that fits your lifestyle, either the Military Diet or another one, and get to work on reaching your weight loss goals!


Day 1

One the first day, you will be taking a total of 870 calories. Breakfast will be 219 calories, lunch 183 calories, and dinner 468 calories.


  • Black coffee or tea or water – contains 0 calories
  • Half grapefruit or half cup grapefruit juice – contains 41 calories
  • A slice of toast with 1 Tbsp Peanut Butter – contains 178 calories


  • Half a cup of Tune – contains 100 calories
  • A slice of toast – contains 83 calories
  • Black coffee or tea or water – contains 0 calories


  • 3 ounces of any lean meat – contains 94 calories
  • A cup of green beans – contains 34 calories
  • A cup of carrots – contains 52 calories
  • A cup of ice cream (vanilla) – contains 288 calories
  • A medium apple
  • Black coffee or tea or water – contains 0 calories

Day 2

On the second day, you are required to take in around 1149 calories. Breakfast will be about 266 calories, lunch will be around 273 calories, and dinner will be about 610 calories.


  • Black coffee or tea or water – contains 0 calories
  • An egg (any preparation method you want) – contains 78 calories
  • A slice toast – contains 83 calories
  • A banana – contains 105 calories


  • A cup of 2 percent cottage cheese – contains 203 calories
  • Saltine crackers – contains 70 calories
  • Black coffee or tea or water – contains 0 calories


  • Two hot dogs or beef franks – contains 300 calories
  • Half cup carrots – contains 26 calories
  • A banana – contains 105 calories
  • One cup cabbage or brocoli – contains 35 calories
  • Half a cup of ice cream (vanilla) – contains 144 calories
  • Black coffee or tea or water – contains 0 calories

Day 3

You are required to take a total of 859 calories on the third day. Breakfast will be 222 calories, lunch will be 161 calories, and dinner will be 476 calories.


  • Black coffee or tea or water – contains 0 calories
  • 5 regular saltine crackers – contains 70 calories
  • One ounce of cheddar cheese – contains 100 calories
  • A small apple – contains 52 calories


  • One hard-boiled egg – contains 78 calories
  • A slice toast – contains 83 calories
  • Black coffee or tea or water – contains 0 calories


  • A cup of Tuna – contain 200 calories
  • A cup of carrots – contains 52 calories
  • A cup of cauliflower – contains 23 calories
  • A cup of melon –contains 57 calories
  • Half a cup of regular ice cream (vanilla) – contains 144 calories

One good thing about the 3-day diet is the flexibility. If you don’t have certain foods, you can substitute them with other foods with the same number of calories. Remember you can substitute a protein for a protein or a vegetable for a vegetable.

Final Thoughts

In the end, the military diet is an exceptional combination of science, food, and nutrition. It is this attention to detail that makes it such an exclusive diet and one of the most prominent options in the military world. For those who are looking to diet like a soldier and get fitter, this is a world-class diet.

It is easy to follow, fast and works well in all situations.

That said, the Military Diet isn’t going to be for everyone, and it can be hard to find a reliable source that shows you exactly what to eat and how to follow their plan.


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