nutrisystem vs the paleo diet

Nutrisystem vs. Paleo (Caveman Diet)

Both the Nutrisystem and Paleo Diets are extremely popular, and that’s because they both produce some pretty amazing weight loss and health results.

That said, while the Paleo Diet is going to work great for a lot of people, it’s not for everyone, and the same can be said for Nutrisystem.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at both Nutrisystem and the Paleo diets, so you can decide which one is going to be the right program for you.

1. Nutrisystem

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boxes of nutrisystem pizza on my dinner table

Nutrisystem is one of the most popular diets in the world and has been helping folks reach their weight loss goals for years now.

As someone who has had a decent amount of success with their program, I can tell you a few of the reasons that make this such a popular diet:

  1. It’s Affordable – You can get started for less than $300, and that covers most of your food for the month!
  2. It’s Easy – Just follow their plan, eat the foods they send you, and you should absolutely lose weight
  3. It’s Convenient – One of the biggest reasons I love meal delivery diets is that they ship all the food you need right your door! That means fewer trips to the grocery store, which is always a positive.

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How Does Nutrisystem Work?

The Nutrisystem program is pretty simple, really. When you sign up, they will ship you 28 days worth of meals and snacks. They have several different options to choose from when enrolling, and you can even opt for their frozen menu, which includes top-of-the-line foods and desserts.

6 Small Meals per Day

Once you have your Nutrisystem foods, you will be all set to follow their plan, and it’s super easy: You will eat 6 small meals and snacks every day. All of the foods are perfectly portioned, so you are getting the right amount of nutrients and calories at every meal, for healthy and effective weight loss.

What Kind of Foods do You Eat?

The food you will be eating is a major thing that makes Nutrisystem different from the Paleo diet. If you’re trying to decide between the two, it’s a good idea to look at both menus, so get an idea if one is going to fit your lifestyle better than the other.

Here’s what you can expect from the Nutrisystem foods:

some of my favorite dinners on the table

  • Perfect Blend of Nutrients
  • Lean, Healthy Protein
  • Plenty of Fiber
  • “Good” Carbs – Loy-glycemic to keep blood sugar in check
  • Foods are free from artificial flavoring and sweeteners

You can check out the full Nutrisystem menu here, but here’s just a quick look at the types of food you’ll eat:

  • Hamburgers
  • Pasta
  • Turkey Sausage & Egg Muffin
  • Buttermilk Waffles
  • Double Chocolate Muffin
  • Grilled Chicken Sandwich
  • Double Chocolate Caramel Bar
  • Italian Sausage and Turkey Pepperoni Pizza
  • Cinnamon Coffee Cake

Again, this is just a small sampling of what you’re going to be enjoying on Nutrisystem, but if you’re wondering about how these foods stack up against other foods out there, here’s a look at a Nutrisystem burger, versus some of the more popular options out there.

Nutrisystem Hamburger

  • 240 Calories
  • 8 Grams Fat

Five Guys Hamburger

  • 700 Calories
  • 43 Grams Fat

Pretty easy to see why the Nutrisystem program is going to help you lose weight, while still being able to eat the foods you love!

Bottom Line on Nutrisystem

nutrisystem free trial banner

If you’re looking for a proven way to lose weight, that is easy to follow, and produces amazing results, then Nutrisystem is the plan for you!

I’ve used it, and can tell you that it works great if you stick with the program.

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2. Paleo

meat and veggie skewers make a great paleo friendly meal

The Paleo diet is often referred to as the Caveman Diet – that’s because it focuses on eating clean meats and veggies, that are very much similar to the way that cavemen supposedly ate back in the day.

That means you’ll be feasting on fish, nuts, meat, greens, and veggies that our hunter and gather ancestors foraged for thousands of years ago.

The cool thing about eating this way is that you don’t count calories, or sweat the small stuff. You just eat clean, focus on putting the right things on your body, and you should see the pounds melt off while also feeling healthier!

With that in mind, here are a couple of factors that make the Paleo diet worth considering:

  1. Healthy Proteins and Veggies – With Paleo, as long as you focus on “clean” eating, you should see some pretty awesome results.
  2. Simplicity at its Best – Clean. Eating. That’s pretty much it.
  3. Fast Results – A lot of people have seen very rapid weight loss when following the Paleo diet correctly.

How Does Paleo Work?

When it comes to the Paleo diet, there are bunch of different websites, books, and other publications out there that all have slightly different takes on how it should work. That means, take this info for what it’s worth, and know that for anything I write here, you may see something different somewhere else.

Even so, there are some basic Paleo principles that most people tend to stick to when they adopt this way of eating.

Grass-Fed & Organic Proteins

grass fed beef is a great paleo option

For most, when you’re eating Paleo, you will be eating a wide variety of proteins. That includes things like beef, chicken, fish. Most Paleo folks I have seen recommend focusing on organic meats or those that are grass-fed. In most cases, you want your veggie and meat sources to be as “natural” as possible. Were our cavemen ancestors eating meat that was full of steroids or antibiotics? Nope.

Organic Fruits & Veggies

You will also want to eat plenty of leafy greens, and fresh fruits and veggies. We don’t need to go into too much detail here – it’s pretty obvious by now that this stuff should play a central role in any diet you’re on.

Healthy Fats

In addition to the healthy fats you’ll be getting from meat, you can also look to foods like nuts, seeds, avocados, fish and olive oil, and more.

Things to Avoid

When you’ve gone Paleo, you’ll want to avoid dairy, booze, legumes, processed foods and sugars, starches, and grains as well.

Bottom Line on Paleo

The Paleo diet has been proven to work for a lot of folks, and it just makes sense. Eat clean, eat healthy, and you should lose weight and feel better.

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How to Choose the Right Diet for You

So how can you decide which diet is best for you?

My suggestion – read about each diet carefully and you should know which one matches up with your personal preferences and lifestyle. Meal delivery diets like Nutrisystem aren’t going to be for everyone, and neither is the Paleo diet. Once you’ve learned about each one, you should have a pretty good idea which one would be the better fit.

The bottom line is this – Both diets produce awesome weight results, so you really can’t go wrong with either!

Want an easy, ready-made diet plan?

Try Nutrisystem until you reach your weight loss goals, and then transition to a Paleo plan to maintain your new healthy lifestyle – just one idea :).