Omega XL Reviews & Pricing Info

omega xl reviews and pricing info

Omega XL an extremely powerful supplement for joint health that is formulated with special patented blend thirty healthy fatty acids, that include the well-known ingredients DHA and EPA.

People really began to take notice of Omega XL when Larry King started promoting it.

According to Larry, it has helped relieve him of some of the common aches and pains that come with getting older.

That means he is able to wake up, and bend over to put on his socks without ANY pain. He says pain was part of his daily routine before starting Omega XL, but now says it’s a thing of the past thanks to this groundbreaking supplement.

Are these claims true?

Let’s take a closer look at Omega XL, so you can decide if it’s the right joint supplement for you.

Omega XL: The Key Details

How Much Does it Cost?

PRICE: Starting at $68.40 on Amazon (Buy it Here)

two bottles of omega xl and capsules

Prices seem to vary on Omega XL, but Amazon appears to have the best deal that I have found.

You can also buy it on the official Omega website, and they offer different introductory prices there as well.

I tend to stick with Amazon when I can, just because they have a very generous return policy, but you’re welcome to buy it wherever.

Why Use OmegaXL?


OmegaXL’s powerful omega-3 blend is powered by ingredients that have been proven to help with joint inflammation through more than 30 years of clinical research.

They even conducted their own research, which is linked to at the end of this review if you’re interested in reading it.

three bottles of omega with the supplement facts label in view

Its potent formula is fast-acting, and is easy to take with small gel capsules. On top of that, they say it is packed with up to 22 times more free fatty acids than your typical fish oil.

This gives it “Super Oil” status, with oils extracted specially from the green-lipped mussel found off the shores of New Zealand (sounds exotic ;-)).

This powerful blend has also been demonstrated to be safe for people with shellfish allergies, because they have taken the time to remove all of the proteins from the fish.

That said, if you have medical concerns you should still talk with your doctor before taking this stuff.


OmegaXL contains 30 healthy fatty acids, including the omega-3s DHA and EPA.

It’s a unique and patented formula, and the special lipid extract found in the capsules is backed by more than 30 published clinical studies supporting that it reduced joint pain, according to the OmegaXL website.

Here’s a look at the supplement facts label: 

ingredients and supplement facts

Here’s a Breakdown of the key Omega XL Ingredients:

  • Perna Canaliculus PCSO-524 patented oil extract
  • Natural monounsaturated olive oil
  • Vitamin E

What Makes it Better than Regular Fish Oil?

a big pile of fish oil pills

With many other omega oil products out there, you’re not going to know where their fish oil comes from. With all of the health dangers that can be linked to certain types of fish, it’s very important to know where your oil is sourced.

As we mentioned above, OmegaXL comes from the beautiful waters of New Zealand, which are recognized by many to be some of the cleanest waters on earth.

On top of that, OmegaXL is taken is small, easy-to-swallow gel caps, and doesn’t feature that “fish” aftertaste that a lot of other fish oil supplements contain.

Finally, it is all-natural, and reported to be safe, so that is why many people decide to make it a part of their daily routine to help with living a more healthy and active life as they get older.

Are There Any Complaints?

Yes, there are some negative reviews of Omega XL on Amazon, so I encourage you to read through those to decide if it’s something you want to purchase.

Here are just a few of the common negative reviews:

I have achieved NO relief whatsoever. It’s all smoke and mirrors, the product doesn’t work at all. I won’t buy it again and I won’t recommend it to my fellow athletic friends, some of whom are respected physicians.

The tv paid advertisement doesn’t tell you that the recommended dosage is three to six pills a day; this product is too expensive to be taking THAT MANY!

Senior adult tried it but made no difference. She has severe arthritis and unfortunately didn’t work. Was able to get refund.

What do the Real Positive Reviews Say?

OmegaXL has a solid 3.5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon, with 55% of reviewers leaving at least 4-star feedback.

While some reviewers labeled the product as a “hoax” or even a “dud,” others said that it was really helping with their joint pain.

Here’s what one reviewer had to share about how it was helping his mom:

amazon testimonials
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And here a few more verified positive reviews, backing up some of the Omega XL Claims:

Got it for my Mom. Helped her with frequent diarrhea, legs and joint pain.

My husband has lost over 10 pounds without changing his diet, nor exercise routine. I was skeptical, but he has lost pounds and inches and is now able to fit pants he haven’t worn in years!

Works for me! I had a lot of symptoms of inflammation. Feeling better with using this product.

have used this product prior to this order and I am experiencing the same positive results as before. I have joint stiffness in my hands and this product has greatly reduced the pain I have been having. I expect greater results as I continue to use this product.

There are plenty of more reviews about OmegaXL on Amazon – both positive and negative, so I encourage you to read those before buying.

As I mentioned though, most reviewers seem happy with how well Omega XL worked for them.

Final Thoughts

Omega XL appears to be a powerful and effective supplement for helping people fight joint pain associated with inflammation and other inflammatory conditions. Unlike other fish oil supplements, it is sourced in the pristine waters around New Zealand, doesn’t have a “fishy” aftertaste, and is easy to take via small gel caps.

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