slimgenics reviews and pricing info

Slimgenics Reviews, Prices, & Food List

SlimGenics has been in the weight loss business since 2003, during which time they have helped thousands of people lose weight in a safe and efficient way.

Their program centers on an approach that is nutritionally-balanced, that includes food that is bought at your local grocery store and made by you. They also teach you exactly what to order when you’re eating out at a restaurant.

This combination of healthy eating, education, and unparalleled support, has made SlimGenics an extremely popular option for people looking for long-term weight loss.

Let’s take a look at some of the key information about the SlimGenics program, so you can decide if it’s the right weight loss solution for you.

The SlimGenics Difference

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There are a few things that make SlimGenics different from other popular diets on the market, but one of the biggest is this: They are committed to helping you maintain your results over the long-term.

While a lot of other diet programs are more interested in helping you lose weight using a system that isn’t sustainable, that isn’t the case with the SlimGenics plan. If you follow their program correctly, you should be setting yourself up for a healthier and happier life.

They accomplish this by putting you in charge of your meal plan and lifestyle choices.

Sure, they show you exactly which foods to buy and how to cook them, but by preparing them yourself, you will learn exactly what it means to eat healthy, and you’ll be able to hold onto that knowledge long after you’re done with their program.

With this in mind, you can safely say that their program is much more than just a diet – it’s actually a new way of life for most people who try it.

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How SlimGenics Works

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If you decide to sign up for SlimGenics, you will be introduced to the four main elements of their program:

  • Balanced Nutrition
  • Wellness Education
  • Personal Support
  • Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

When you combine these areas you should absolutely lose weight, feel healthier, have more energy, and be learning the necessary life skills for long-term health and happiness.

Individualized Plans

SlimGenics treats every person who signs up as an individual, which means that they know everyone’s needs are going to be different. This is a one-size-fits-all diet approach: When you become a member they will help you develop a personalized nutrition plan, which anchored by real food, from all of the healthy food groups.

This helps you develop daily habits that are healthy, and get rid of the ones that helped you gain all of that weight in the first place.

Full Support Line

SlimGenics want you to be successful. To help ensure this happens, they provide a full support system every step of the way. Think of them as your health and weight loss “cheerleaders.” If you run into a problem, they’ll be there to help you find the right answer.


SlimGenics currently has weight loss centers established in Colorado, Minnesota, and Ohio. They have multiple locations in each state, and you can view all of them and even schedule an appointment on their website.

If there isn’t a location near you, don’t worry – you can still sign up for their program, it just won’t be the “In-Center” option.

Weight Loss Programs

SlimGenics currently offers several different weight-loss options to choose from:

In-Center Program

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This program is going to be best for people who have a SlimGenics weight loss center in their town or within a short driving distance. With this program you will make regular visits to one of their centers, where you’ll usually do the following:

  • Customized Your Nutrition Plan
  • One-on-One Support
  • Reinforcement (up to 6 times per week)
  • Weigh-In – Helps keep you on track
  • In-Person Education Sessions
  • Personalized Advice Sessions
  • Health Tips

SlimGenics At Home Program

The At-Home Program is going to feature all of the bullet points mentioned above, but you’ll obviously taking the “in-person” element out of the equation.

You’ll still be offered a full support line, and shown the exact steps you need to be successful, but your consultations will be via phone or email.

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They’ll also provide you with important educational materials, videos, and motivational emails to help keep you on track.

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Youth Program

This program is customized for kids and teenagers – 10 to 17. It offers all of the elements of the adult programs, but it is customized to meet the nutritional needs of youths.

Your kids will still get to pack their own lunches, and can even enjoy snacks at school. Obviously, if your child had any unique health issues, SlimGenics would discuss their program with their pediatrician to build a safe program for them to follow.

The other cool part about the Youth plan is that kids can enroll for free if their parent(s) also sign up.

Workplace Plan

If you decide to sign up for their office option, SlimGenics will send posters for your break rooms, and a customizable email that you can send to your co-workers or employees. This will include discounts and coupons for joining.

The workplace program makes enrollment easy, affordable, and helps your employees feel healthier and happier if they decide to sign up.

How Much Does it Cost?

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Program Service Fees: $5 per Week with Full Enrollment

SlimGenics is one of the most affordable weight-loss programs on the market. The $5 service fee covers your personalized nutritional profile, body fat analysis, your four-phase weight loss plan and materials, and all of the other support and education options.

Your additional program fees will be determined by the amount of weight you want to lose. A SlimGenics rep can give you the exact cost of everything, with a free consultation if you decide you want to learn more about signing up.

SlimGenics also offers a supplement line, which is sold separately from the program.

Final Thoughts

SlimGenics offers an affordable, safe, and healthy option for losing weight. They have clinics in several states in the U.S., or you can sign up for their At-Home program.

They offer options for youths and adults, and by utilizing their coaching and education program, you can set yourself up for long-term weight loss success.

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