IdealShape + IdealShake Review: Price, Pros, Cons + Where to Buy

IdealShape + IdealShake Review: Price, Pros, Cons + Where to Buy
(Last Updated On: June 1, 2020)


When it comes to finding weight loss products that actually work, it can feel overwhelming at times.

Just do one search, and you’ll see hundreds of companies and products to choose from, which can often leave you wondering what actually works?

The good news is, there are some companies out there that offer weight loss and health products that actually work, are high-quality, and are affordable!

IdealShape is one of these companies.

IdealShape has been in the health business for years now, and during that time they have established themselves as an industry leader.

They offer a number of different products and programs that can help you with everything from reaching your weight loss goals, to just improving your overall health and fitness.

In this IdealShape review, we’ll detail exactly why you want to buy their weight loss products, what it is they offer, and where you can lock in the best deals.

First, though, here are just a few of the things that help IdealShape rise to the top of the weight loss business:

  • PRODUCTS THAT ARE PROVEN TO WORK: Looking for weight loss shakes and supplements that actually work? Good news – IdealShape works, and it works well!
  • MORE THAN JUST SHAKES & SUPPLEMENTS: When you sign up for IdealShape, you’re doing more than just buying a meal replacement shake – you’re joining a community that is dedicated to your overall health and happiness.
  • AFFORDABLE: All of the IdealShape shakes, snacks, supplements, and weight loss plans are designed to be affordable and high-quality!

Ready to start your IdealShape journey?

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What is IdealShape?

idealshape shakes and product guide

The full program pulls together a combination of different things in order to help you get the most out of your weight loss and fitness efforts.

This starts with scientifically designed meal replacement shakes that are loaded with protein, fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

This combination helps to reduce hunger, cut down on calories, and provides your body with everything you need to be healthy, have plenty of energy, and optimize your internal systems to flush out the bad while also burning calories at your full ability.

In addition to having the specific meal replacement shakes, there are also high-quality diet-friendly snacks, and several highly recommended workouts that go hand-in-hand with the meal replacement shakes and supplements that the IdealShape program provides.

How Does IdealShape Work?

While it isn’t rocket science, the program does use cutting-edge knowledge of diet, biology, and physiology in order to put together a diet and exercise plan that helps people of all ages, weights, and genders to achieve their weight loss goals, while also helping them become healthier and happier.

This plan works for a variety of reasons:

1: Calorie Control

One of the major advantages of a meal replacement shake is that despite having some calories, you are almost certainly going to cut calories compared to a full meal especially when looking at your average breakfast, which is known for having many types of foods that pack massive amounts of calories without being overly filling.

2: The Right Number Calories & a System that Works

There’s no natural foods that provide all the internal benefits that come with the excellent shakes that come with this plan.

There is a huge amount of protein, there are 100% of the daily recommendations for many hard to get vitamins and minerals, there’s fiber, anti-oxidant, and multiple ingredients that help the liver, kidneys, and rest of your system process calories, fat, and everything else as quickly and effectively as is humanly possible.

3: Workouts Designed for the Everyday Person

a new shipment of shakes

Many workout plans that come with an overall diet plan that involves a meal replacement element are overly ambitious and utterly unrealistic for individuals who are very heavily overweight or who have not exercised in a very long time.

While there’s no denying these types of workouts are effective in burning calories and fat and shaping the body when they can be done, but too often only people already in decent shape can do that.

The workouts associated with the total IdealShape program, especially those that are known individually by The Ship Shape Challenge and The Fight the Fat Challenge, start out easier and are doable for the majority of people.

The fact that those initial workouts are also only set for small periods of time in the beginning like 15 minutes or 25 minutes, makes it easy for almost anyone to get started and acclimated to the workouts.

4: The Snacks Are Delicious & Healthy

This is another huge benefit. Reducing snacking is always a good idea, especially when dieting, even when the snacks are healthy, but it is critical to make sure that when you do have snacks that those snacks are healthy and serve a positive purpose in the overall workout & weight loss picture.

The combination of all four of these positive traits helps explain why the IdealShape program works so well. The meal plan, the nutrition, smart calorie reduction, and solid exercise are all taken care of in the perfect balance to get the job done.

Pros & Cons

There are a lot of positives when it comes to IdealShape, but there are some cons to consider as well. Let’s take a quick look at both, to give you a better idea about whether or not their products are right for you.


  • Meal Replacement Doesn’t Work for Everyone
  • Results Require Serious Commitment
  • When it Comes to Weight Loss, Some Prefer Meal Delivery or App-Based Programs


  • Lots of Great Products to Choose From
  • Meal Replacement Shakes Proven to Work for Weight Loss
  • Awesome Snacks and Supplements
  • Workout Accessories Available
  • Shakes Taste Great
  • Lots of Shake Flavors to Choose From
  • Easy-to-follow Weight Loss Plans
  • 30, 60, and 90 Day Plans for Weight Loss
  • Great Source of Vitamins, Minerals, and Fiber
  • Shakes Designed to Control Hunger
  • Affordable

Real Customer Testimonials: Before and After Pics

idealshape before and after pictures

When it comes to IdealShape, the results speak for themselves! There are a lot of awesome before and after stories that are with reading online.

Here is just one we wanted to share in this review:

I have such a big sweet tooth and I love food! I knew that diet would be my main thing. That’s one of the things I love about the IdealShakes is that they were SO good…I love that it satiated my sweet tooth cravings and helped me save calories. It was just a lifesaver and I never felt like I was depriving myself. Chocolate Peanut Butter is my favorite. I feel like I can do so much more with my kids. I love meeting my kids for lunch at school and I feel like they’re really proud of me. My boys will ask to see my before and after pictures on my phone…they get really excited about it. -Jessica, Lost 75 LBS

The IdealPlan

the idealplan for best weight loss results
You’ll get free access to the IdealPlan eBook with your first order from IdealShape. It’s easy to follow and give a full guide to follow for 12 weeks of weight loss.

The IdealPlan is heavily influenced by short, obtainable challenges that show clear progress while giving you the products, training, and skills in order to lose weight during that time.

By cutting up challenges that are 15 days, 20 days, or 25 days, this is short enough to allow people with even weak willpower to manage to get the challenge done, reap the benefits, and gain the confidence that comes from being able to successfully complete a plan.

The lost weight, body shaping, and overall better health and feeling can also work as solid encouragement to take on the next challenge.

Stacking a few challenges under the IdealPlan will help you to make serious progress no matter how far you need to go in order to really start seeing some serious results.

IdealShape For Life

This program really focuses on putting together the 15-day challenges that include a detailed eating plan, simple 25 minute per day workouts that aren’t going to overtax you, and helpful coaching from the program founders in order to get you going.

There are different meal plans put together based on the person starting the program, and that means custom programs for personalized results.

Add in the bonus of direct coaching from professionals and you suddenly find yourself in a situation where you not only have all the diet supplements you need or all the workouts you need, but also the professional support to help you get things done.

The Ship Shape Challenge

weight loss results using their shakes and diet plan

The Ship Shape Challenge, sometimes put as the ShipShape Challenge, is a motivational option to help people commit to the IdealShape workout plans.

The idea behind this challenge is a literal take off of the pun as “Ship Shape” is an on-going opportunity that is giving dieters a chance to win a cruise.

Dieters on the IdealShape diet and exercise plan have the ability to sign up for this challenge. They can then give their story. There are monthly prizes in the form of:

  • Free 30 day supply of IdealShake
  • Free 30 day supply of IdealShake Trim
  • Park City Retreat, $100 cash, & a free 30 Day supply IdealShape Trim

Those are just the monthly prizes. In addition to this, there are some very exciting grand prizes at the end of a year. The grand prizes are:

  • $500 cash
  • $1,000 cash
  • Fully paid Caribbean cruise, full airfare covered, and $1,000 spending cash

This can be a hugely encouraging reason to join up and see how much weight you can lose and how much you can sculpt. Who doesn’t want a fully paid vacation via a Caribbean cruise, especially when it includes spending money.

The Fight The Fat Challenge

The Fight The Fat Challenge is the more challenging exercise and workout program that is combined with IdealShake to help individuals really step up their weight loss and body toning efforts once they hit a certain point.

This 15-day high-intensity exercise and weight loss challenge focuses on MMA workouts and exercises that can really help to burn fat and sculpt muscle at the same time.

This is a challenging exercise program and challenge, which is part of the reason that the Fight the Fat Challenge focuses so heavily on support from others as well as from online forum support and coaching.

This can be a difficult challenge to undergo by yourself but when in support your chances of getting through this high-intensity workout challenge goes up considerably.

IdealShake & Other Products

a tub of chocolate peanut butter shake

IdealShake brings many quality options to the table, and that includes many different options in the form of shakes, snacks, powders, and other products.

Whether you are looking for a meal replacement shake, some healthy snacks to supplement, a quality meal plan, or outstanding exercise programs that go hand in hand to help you get to your final goal.

Whether that’s just losing weight, sculpting up your body in a muscular form, of the combination of both, look at these high-quality products and enjoy reaching and then surpassing all of your goals.

Just a short list of sample products include:

  • IdealShake
  • IdealBar
  • IdealBoost Drink
  • IdealTrim
  • IdealBurn

The weight loss plans come in 30, 60, and 90-day increments and the pricing can vary greatly accordingly. In addition to this, there is a huge difference between the full retail price of any of these programs and the sales program.

Generally speaking, the 30 day at full price is around $260 retail but it’s not unheard of to see prices at half that.

The 90-day plan normally retails around $730 but sales prices can come in at a tad under $300. That’s a pretty major variance.

Review Summary: Where to Buy

There’s a whole lot to love about the IdealShape program.

This can be a touch on the expensive side considering the prices are often weight loss shakes and snacks without an entire meal plan included, but compared to some others they can be less expensive.

This means that this plan is exceptional when looking at the balance of what you get versus what you have to pay. In the end, this is a rock solid investment.

Where to Buy IdealShake and IdealShape

Think IdealShake sounds like a good fit? The best place to buy it as at Amazon at last check. More info below:

Learn more and check current IdealShape prices

IdealShape Proof of Purchase:

IdealShape receipt


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