Bistro MD Review: Cost, Pros, Cons + Where to Buy

Bistro MD Review: Cost, Pros, Cons + Where to Buy
(Last Updated On: June 1, 2020)


Lookin for an honest BistroMD review? Well, let’s start with this…

Are you struggling to find a healthy and proven way for losing weight? What if there was a program that could send you delicious, chef-created meals every month, and as long as you ate them and followed their plan, you would lose weight?

Good news – that program really does exist, and it’s called BistroMD!

BistroMD is considered to be one of the premium level meal delivery diets on the market, and that’s because they have some of the highest-quality meals and snacks available.

In this Bistro MD Review, we’ll tell to you exactly how BistroMD works, how much it costs, the types of plans they have available, and where you can find an amazing deal on this amazing weight loss program.

What is Bistro MD?

four of their more popular meals

The Bistro MD program is what makes Dr. Mike Moreno’s 17 Day Diet available to the common dieter who doesn’t have the time or practical ability to prepare every single meal to specific standards, track everything, and maintain a perfect balance between shopping, preparation, timing, nutrition, and everything else.

BistroMD is the perfect way to follow this Dr. Moreno’s diet that will help use the right nutrition and body cycles to get to better health.

This isn’t a fly by night organization, either. The parent company, BistroMD, LLC focuses on providing high-quality fulfillment of this diet plan and has been featured on NBC, The Doctors, Dr. Phil, and even The Biggest Loser.

In other words, they’ve been put in the spotlight and have continued to thrive by providing practical and realistic services to customers who want to eat healthy and become healthy.

Bistro MD can be purchased in chunks of 5 days or 7 days, and comes with those meals delivered and access to a nutritionist who helps to guide the individual through the best version of the plan for them.

This means you can simply not order for a week if going on vacation away from home, but can order meals one week at a time so the food is always fresh and delicious.

Why We Love it

  • Perfectly Balanced for Weight Loss: BistroMD’s food is the perfect blend of nutrients and calories, to rev up your weight loss and help improve your health.
  • Easy to Follow: Just sign up for a plan, eat the food, and lose weight – it really doesn’t get any easier than that.
  • Doctor-Designed: This scientifically proven meal plan is designed to target fat
  • Plans for Almost Everyone: Speciality plans for diabetics, seniors, men, women, and more!
  • Affordable: Plans start at just $89.96!

Check current BistroMD price

How Does it Work?

the balance program

The 17 Day Diet Meal Plan focuses on health the way it should come from diet.

This isn’t about cutting calories to starvation numbers but it’s about adjustments in eating that result in your body becoming healthier and better at functioning fully the way it’s supposed to.

In other words, it’s a long-term adjustment that is actually very sustainable.

The idea behind the 17 Day Diet is that the best way to tackle these long-term dietary changes is to divide the eating plan into four different cycles: every single one of which is 17 days.

The cycle can start again after that or it might shift to a different cycle depending on where you are at in the diet/weight loss journey.

This is where having a nutritionist on hand is a major boost.

4 Weight Loss Cycles

a full day of balance meals

Those four cycles are:

  1. Acceleration phase
  2. Activation phase
  3. Achieve cycle
  4. Arrive cycle

The diet re-adjusts metabolism over time to focus on burning stored body fat as a main source of fuel during every single one of these cycles.

Once the body is designed to do that, burning off excess body weight is far easier than it had previously been.

Each cycle features different foods, altered calorie counts, and you’re even told how to eat the foods in order to get maximum effect.

Yes, even the same meal can differ greatly in how your body stores or burns fat depending on the order in which those foods are eaten and how quickly.

Follow the 17 Day Meal Plan

the meal plan options

All the meals that come through the BistroMD 17 Day Diet Meal Plan are carefully built and approved. While attempts will be made for requests to customize a meal, generally speaking the best plan is finding the specific sub-plan offered since these meals are very carefully built.

While there are obvious changes and substitutions available for allergies, the meals need to be kept as close to the original as possible.

Changing out even a single side dish can drastically through off the nutritional balance of the plate and thus the internal impact on your body that those meals would have.

Some custom work can be done by creating an overall plan with a look at diet restrictions, allergies, and some personal preferences, and that is done with a nutritionist after the initial order through the website is made.

Weekly shipments are set up to automatically recur to make it easy to stay on plan though you have the ability to cancel it at any time after the first week.

These dishes balance protein, healthy fat, proper carbs, and calories in a way that has a long-term and healthy fat-burning benefit.

BistroMD Cost: How Much per Month?

the bistro md healthy eating ratio and pricing details

BistroMD plans start at $89.96 per week, and can go up to $134.96 per week, depending on which program you decide to go with. You can save more money per meal, by opting for the full program versus just the lunches and dinners.

One of the major ones is the exact type of plan being chosen:

Obviously 7 day plans cost more than 5 day plans, and it costs more to have all 3 meals a day instead of just purchasing the lunch/dinner daily plans.

These costs are going to be general, and are accurate as of this writing but keep in mind they can change over time.

Full Program Costs:

  • 7 Days – $135 to $180
  • 5 Days – $113 to $150

Lunch/Dinner Program Costs:

  • 7 Days – $113 to $150
  • 5 Days – $90 to $120

There can be slight variations based on what type of sales are going on, if allergy substitutions need to be made.

These are the charges that recur on a weekly basis but include all the food for each meal. If you take the full program that means you don’t need any other groceries.

On the other hand, even just taking the lunch/dinner options reduces grocery bills immensely. When you bring that into consideration, this is a really great price for taking back your life and your health.

Pricing is very easy to find on the website meaning up to date pricing will be easy for you to check on your laptop or smartphone for the most up to date prices.

Ready to lock in the best BistroMD deals? 

Learn more and check BistroMD prices at their website

Bistro MD Plans

There are actually 6 major plans that are currently offered under the BistroMD plan, which allows individuals to really hone in on the various options out there and figure out the best one that meets their specific needs. It is important to know that these are all built around the same framework.

All of these are based around Dr. Mike Moreno’s “The 17 Day Diet,” the difference is in the details of each one as diet plans can be carved and crafted to be personalized to more specific needs. This means different plans for men and women, those who need to be gluten-free, diabetics, and more.

Some of these can even be customized “twice” as there might be small variances between male diabetics and female diabetics, for example.

Read on to look at the various ways these programs breakdown further.

The Men’s Program

a dinner of chicken and carrots

There are some major biological differences between men’s bodies and women’s, and that matters when it comes to diet.

This is why soy is not a good substitute for men since it’s been shown to rise estrogen levels in their body, but it’s fine as a healthy food option for women.

Programs designed around men while take into account how their larger muscular frames, testosterone, and different hormones will react in comparison to different nutrients.

A little more protein, a few less carbs, it’s amazing how even a few small shifts can make a massive difference in results and that’s what the men’s program will do.

The Women’s Program

a meal from their plan for women

Women have very specific nutritional needs and in the same way that male bodies can more often process certain nutrients better than the average female body, the same is true in the other direction! An ideal healthy weight loss plan for men is not going to be the same as an ideal healthy weight loss plan for women.

The women’s program doesn’t try to jam everyone into a one size fits all plan but looks at the nutrients that encourage fat burning in women versus fat storage and work to get more of the earlier and less of the latter.

These are healthy eating plans that will help avoid or blast through the all too common “weight loss plateaus” that far too many women face in their attempts to lose weight.

The Gluten-Free Program

Not everyone can properly absorb gluten. Whether this is a serious allergy that leads to severe reactions or a milder reaction but one that results in metabolic dysfunction, the solution is going to be found through nutrition and diet.

There are many options available when it comes to going gluten-free that taste great, give your body all the nutrients it needs, and helps reset the metabolism to a healthy place where it is burning fat instead of storing it.

Someone who has struggled with gluten related issues will be amazed by just how little gluten it takes to get off track, and what foods have traces of gluten in it that they didn’t know about.

By taking the super specific hassle of shopping (and trusting food labels that aren’t always 100% correct) and letting the professional chefs prepare the food, you simply get to eat great meals that will not only help you lose weight while feeling full but also make you feel better as every last little bit of gluten is slipped out of your diet.

The Diabetic Program

a meal from the bistromd diabetic menu

The diabetic program is very careful with carbs and sugars, taking personal needs into account as dishes focus on lean proteins and the right healthy fats that can help keep blood sugar stable as the pounds melt off at a healthy stable rate that doesn’t cause spikes or health issues.

Anyone with insulin regulation issues in the body or who has diabetes should definitely look at this program to make sure they get the full weight loss results while staying free of any potential health issues.

Bistrom MD Silver Cuisine

Designed for the older clients in mind, these senior friendly meals provide all the nutrients needed to encourage health and loss excess fat while also staying healthy.

These meals are heart healthy, low in sodium, and take into consideration many of the most common special needs that older men and women have when it comes to a healthy diet.

The wide variety of meals available under the Silver Cuisine plan and the work of online nutritionists to help customize the plans as needed means you can find a great pre-made meal plan that is literally built to help you find your optimum health.

The Menopause Program

A woman’s body changes immensely during and after menopause and that leads to major nutritional changes as well.

When it comes to dietary needs, working with these doctor-designed plans and chef-prepared meals will help to overcome the undeniably special challenges that come with nutrition during this time in life. This means large amounts of the right lean protein, individual plans adjusted based on results, and strong support from wellness specialists during every step of the way.

This is in addition to delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals that will help the individual lose weight and be healthy while taking control of their body once again.

Does it Work for Weight Loss?

a dinner from their menopause menu

The reason this diet works so well is simple: it uses smart nutrition. Many nutritionists, scientists, physical trainers, and others have known for many years (if not decades) that the old “a calorie is a calorie” mantra is false.

That’s not even close to being true in general, much less before taking into account the difference between male and female physiology, individual conditions, and how metabolism and personal physiology come into play.

BistroMD is based on a diet that takes all of these factors into consideration and tailor their meals around these facts.

There are good fats and bad fats. Not all protein is the same. Even the same food can have radically different effects on your diet if it’s 40% of a plate versus 30%.

These are the things this diet takes into consideration so you don’t have to resulting in a scientifically made diet plan that is designed for success.

Top-Quality Food & Menu

chicken stuffed with spinach and feta

The best diet is one that works and that you’ll stay on. If the food tastes terrible and you’re half starving then that’s not going to work. The food on the menu here has many main meals, sides, and other options for each plan.

This means that you’re not going to get sick of the food because there is plenty of variety. Since actual chefs prepare the meal they’re going to be delicious since they are professionally made.

That rotating menu with top notch foods that are delicious means variety meets taste and that’s how this diet stands apart from all the others.

Real Customer Testimonials

lisa's bistromd before and after picture

Wondering why so many people recommend BistroMD for long-term weight loss? If you read enough BistroMD reviews online, you find out why so many folks love it!

Here are just a few that really stood out for me:

After just a few weeks, I lost 10 pounds, and the weight just kept falling off. Now, I’m down from 170 to 120. I haven’t been this size since high school. I couldn’t believe I was getting to enjoy delicious food while losing weight. It seemed unreal. – Lisa (Lost 50 LBS)

It happened by chance that I came across bistroMD. I was desperate for a solution to my extra weight gain, but I am all too familiar with fad diets and gimmicks. When I saw that bistroMD served actual, real food, I jumped at the opportunity. BistroMD helped me get my body back. I’ve never felt better! – Cindy (Lost 55 LBS)

BistroMD saved my life. I’m more athletic and I don’t have to take blood pressure medication anymore. Thanks to bistroMD, my blood pressure has dropped, I no longer suffer from gout and acid reflux, and my joints don’t ache anymore when I bike ride or run. I’m down to 200 pounds, but my goal is 190. I’ve embraced my weight loss and I’ve made this program my own. – Chris (Lost 40 LBS)

Final Thoughts: Where to Buy

The final verdict on the BistroMD diet plan is really easy. This is not only a great weight loss plan, but it really is one of the best out there. They take care of all the hard stuff: understanding advanced nutrition, eating delicious meals, and even prepping too much.

This is a scientifically proven diet plan that is executed with the backing of professional chefs and offers the support of nutritionists along the way. You just can’t ask for much more than that.

The final verdict on the BistroMD diet plan is that it passes with flying colors!

Where to Buy BistroMD…

Bistro MD is more than a diet program, it’s a healthy weight loss plan that will deliver meals directly to your home. They don’t stop there, however, as they have made it easier than ever by creating not only a diet menu, but also a variety of menus and options to choose from, that help their clients reach their goals faster than ever before.

Ready to start your BistroMD journey to better health?

Learn more and check BistroMD Deals at their website


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