Onnit Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales: 2023

Onnit Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales: 2023
(Last Updated On: September 8, 2023)

ONNIT officially announced their Holiday Sale:

  • 25% Off All Supplements
  • 15% Off All Total Primate Care
  • 20% Off All Foods
  • 18% Off All Fitness & Certs
  • 30% Off All Apparel & Accessories
  • 50% Off All Books, DVDs & Digital
  • 20% Off All Personal Care

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ONNIT Doorbuster Sales

In addition to all of the deals we listed above, ONNIT is also offering a number of different doorbuster sales this year! These are limited-quantity deals you won’t find any other time of year!

  • Werewolf Legend Bell: 50% Off
  • Massage and Mobility Kit: 50% Off
  • MCT Oil Toothpaste: 50% Off
  • Coffee Hatch Chili Warrior Bars: $39
  • Emulsified MCT Oil (Cinnamon Swirl): 50% Off
  • Emulsified MCT Oil (Pumpkin Spice): 50% Off
  • Fulvic Minerals: 50% Off

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More Onnit Info

Onnit is one of the best health and wellness companies out there, and they feature some of our favorite supplements too – that includes things like Alpha Brain, New Mood, and Shroom TECH.

They offer plenty of great discounts, sales, and free trials throughout the year, and that includes Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We’ll be keeping close tabs on their best sales of the year, and will post what we find below, so be sure to check back to see how much you can save this year!

We have plenty of other great Onnit information here on the site, so be sure to read up on our other review is you’re interested in learning more about the wide variety of health products that they offer.

They really are on the cutting edge when it comes to supplements, foods, and fitness, which is why we trust them when we’re looking for any of the above!

Onnit Product Sale Spotlight


Onnit offers some of the coolest health products on the planet, and lot of them are going to be discounted this holiday season.

Here is one of their more popular products that you can expect to save money on come Black Friday and Cyber Monday:

Total Human Optimization Sale

The Total Human packs are a newer release from Onnit, and they’re an awesome way to get your daily dose of everything you need to stay healthy.

They come with super convenient day and night packs, and they are packed full of the key vitamins, minerals, amino acids, herbs, and more to help keep you fully optimized!

The Day Pack

the day pack from onnits total human packs

You will want to take the Day Night Packs with you, so you’ll be ready to go all day, everyday. Here’s what the Day Pack helps with:

  • Supports Focus
  • Energy
  • Endurance
  • Promotes Overall Wellness

The Day Pack is made up of some of the most popular Onnit Supplements, including all of the following:

Alpha Brain

One of Onnit’s best-selling prouducts of all time, Alpha Brain is the ultimate brain booster. It’s a clinically studies nootropic, and helps with mental speed, improves clarity, and focus.

As Onnit says, it “supplies the building blocks for neurotransmitters and sets a base level of cognitive activity.”

Shroom Tech Sport

Another clinically-studied supplement from the team at Onnit, it’s free from stimulants, but still helps promote cellular energy, cardiovascular endurance. It includes adaptogens, plus vitamin B12.

Stron Bone

This is for your bones and joints. Includes strontium, boron, and other good stuff.

Total Human B Complex

This is the total suite of methylated B-vitamins to help boost your energy, neural communication, and your cognitive performance.

The Night Time Pack

the night time pack of onnit supplements

After you absolutely have made the most of your day, you’ll be ready to relax, unwind, and get some Zs. That’s where the Onnit Night Time Pack comes in.

Think of it this way – you wouldn’t probably wouldn’t drink a big glass of Mountain Dew right before bed, which is why you also wouldn’t take the Day Pack at night.

The Night Pack is designed to help you get the most from your sleep, and helps nourish the body while you’re sleeping, helping get peak performance both day and night.

The Nighttime Pack includes all of the following popular Onnit Supplements: 

New Mood

This is the supplement for your mood and to help you relaxation. It includes ingredients like valerian root, jujube, chamomile, and other herbs that are meant to help you relax.


ViruTech gives you antioxidant support, and powered by vitamin C, along with L-Lysine, selenium, and more.

Key Minerals

This takes the best from land and sea, and is packed full of calcium, molybdenum, iodine, and magnesium. This helps support your bone and overall body health.

How Much Does it Cost?

a bottle of onnit alpha brain

They normally start at $137.95, but you could get a complete pack for just $117.26 at last check. That price may be even better with the holiday savings – click here to visit the official Onnit website and see how much you can save!

Other Onnit Products You Can Save On

Of course, you should be able to lock in deals on all of the individual supplements on the Total Optimization pack, plus many of the other awesome products Onnit sells.

That includes their merch, full line of supplements, gear, workout equipment, and much more.

Another favorite of mine right now, is their Keto Box. When you sign up, they’ll send you a full box of Keto snacks, foods, and supplements. Keto is one of my favorite ways to lose weight, and I recommend checking it out, if you’re looking for something fun to try!

Final Thoughts

Onnit makes some of the best workout, health, and optimization supplements on the planet, and their one of our favorites around here.

If you’ve been looking to lock in huge Onnit deals, this is the best time of the year to do it! You’re pretty much guaranteed to save big this Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and around the holidays, so visit the link below to lock in your discounts today!

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