Nutrisystem vs. BistroMD: Which Diet is Better?

Nutrisystem vs. BistroMD: Which Diet is Better?
(Last Updated On: June 2, 2020)


Nutrisystem vs. BistroMD – which diet is better? Well, with so many meal delivery diets on the market, it can be hard to know which one to choose.

Fortunately, there are a few that have stood the test of time, and have been helping people lose weight for years now, and BistroMD and Nutrisystem are two of the best.

Each diet brings its own sets of pros and cons, though, so while one may work great for you, the other may not be your best choice.

Below, we’ll detail both diets so you can decide which one is going to help you finally reach your weight loss goals:

1. Nutrisystem: Our Top-Rated Meal Delivery Diet

boxes of nutrisystem foods on the dinner table

Nutrisystem is a pioneer in the meal delivery diet market.

They have been around for a long time and have constructed a meal system that is customizable, yet each meal is carefully constructed with a specific nutrient makeup and calorie count.

Nutrisystem certainly has some competition in the field, which is good for business, but they remain the number 1 choice on the market today.

How Nutrisystem Works

one of my favorite dinners while I was on the program

Nutrisystem works by removing the guesswork from preparing meals (see how it works here). A healthy diet requires meals that are correctly portioned, contain a specific number of calories, and provide the body with the nutrients it needs to thrive.

That is exactly what you get with each of the meals from this delivery system. Thus, over time, your body will shed excess weight because you will no longer be taking in more calories than you need.

The program delivers breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks to your home.

They are portioned so that you can eat a total of six times each day. This is because several studies suggest that smaller, more balanced meals make it easier to lose weight and maintain a target weight.

The first week of meals is designed to promote accelerated weight loss. This is referred to as the “Turbo Takeoff”. Starting with week two the meals become slightly larger, but still allow for gradual weight loss. You are also encouraged to add a few fresh groceries to the meals. Each meal will include a list of suggested grocery items.

How Much Does it Cost?

what is the cost of the nutrisystem program

Nutrisystem offers several different plans and your choice will affect the pricing (check out our full pricing details here).

Each plan is designed to last for a total of four weeks. In addition to their normal plans, they also offer three specialty plans.

These are the Men’s Plan, the Diabetes Plan, and the Vegetarian Plan.

Surprisingly, some of the specialty plans are more affordable than the standard plans. For example, the vegetarian plan costs a total of $12.50 a day.

That comes to a total of $349.99 for the 4-week price, and that is for their premium-level plans. That’s actually less than most people spend on groceries already.

Their diabetes plan comes in three options: diabetes basic, diabetes core, and diabetes uniquely yours. The basic plan starts at only $10.18 a day. Diabetes core is $11.07 a day and the final option is $12.50 a day.

The major difference between the plans is the flexibility of the meals. With the basic plan, you are shipped pre-selected foods. The core plan offers some customization.

The “Uniquely Yours” plan lets you choose each meal from a very large menu.

All of the standard plans following a similar format. There is a basic, core, uniquely yours, and uniquely yours plus. The pricing for these standard plans is the same as their diabetes plan counterpart.

The uniquely yours plus plan costs $13.93 and includes additional high-protein shakes with meals.


  • Each meal is designed with ideal portions, calorie count, and nutrient profile.
  • Can help people lose weight quickly and safely without relying on supplements.
  • A number of different plans to choose from with special plans for vegetarians and diabetics.
  • Plans can cost less than eating out each day.


  • The best tasting foods are usually in the more expensive plans.
  • Would like to see more educational resources and support services

Bottom Line

Nutrisystem is a great way to lose weight for people who prefer convenience.

Anyone who has struggled to stick with a diet in the past can benefit from how meal delivery systems work. And even if you’ve never tried to diet before, Nutrisystem is a great way to start because the meals are good and there’s no guesswork involved.

This is the best meal delivery diet available for anyone who wants to lose weight quickly and safely, and right now is a great time to join!

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2. BistroMD

several bistro md meals

BistroMD (read more about it here) isn’t quite as old as Nutrisystem, but they have still managed to gather a significant following.

Their diet delivery service has been ranked number one by a bunch of well-respected publications and tv shows.

Bistro MD was founded by a married couple often referred to as “the Foodie and the M.D”.

As the name implies, one of them is a food expert and the other is a doctor. The perfect combination for designing a meal delivery service.

The influence of “The Foodie” is very clear on this program. As a matter of fact, that’s what makes it stand out compared to Nutrisystem or other similar programs.

The meals are high-quality, very delicious, and look like what you would find at a high-end restaurant.

Many people shy away from meal delivery services because they have heard horror stories about the quality of the food. But those same people love the BistroMD service.

How BistroMD Works

a diagram explaining how the bistromd diet works

At its core, the service works in the same way as Nutrisystem. The company designs very specific meals that will help you lose weight over time.

Those meals are then delivered to your door.

The meals are perfectly portioned and contain very specific nutrient profiles. As long as you eat the meals as recommended you will lose weight over time.

Beyond that, there are a number of differences between the two services. For starters, their meal program is designed for six small meals like the Nutrisystem program.

That’s not a huge deal for most people because most are already used to eating three meals a day instead of six. However, the six meal approach is believed to be more effective.

BistroMD also requires slightly less of a commitment because they do not offer a complete four-week package.

The Nutrisystem four week program is designed specifically to help people lose weight over the course of a month. The calorie count in the meals changes each week.

BistroMD works by supplying customers with a week’s worth of food for each program (or only 5 days if they choose the 5-day program).

The calorie count for each week is relatively the same so the weight loss doesn’t occur as quickly.

The benefit of this approach is that you don’t need to pay for a full month at once.

BistroMD also provides educational resources and support from registered dietitians who work for the company.

The information that they provide can help customers make healthier eating choices if they are considering a snack, dessert, or going out to a restaurant with friends.

Having unlimited access to professional advice from dietitians can be extremely helpful.

How Much Does it Cost?

a dinner from their menopause menu

As you might expect, a higher quality of food comes with a bigger price tag. You can expect to pay an average of $200 more each month for the same amount of food that you would receive from Nutrisystem.

The financial investment seems smaller because it is a weekly payment, but it adds up quickly over the course of the month. However, they do offer some variety with their programs that can influence the price.

A 7-day program that only includes lunch and dinner is initially $112.46.

However, that price only applies to the first week. The second week will cost $149 lunch and dinner each day. The 7-day program that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner costs as much as $179.95 a week after the first-week reduced price of $134.96.

There are also 5-day programs that cost slightly less. A full 5-day program with 3 meals a day costs $112.46 on the first week and then $149.95 on following weeks. If the program only includes lunch and dinner, then the full price is $119.95 and the first-week reduced price is $89.96.

Keep in mind that the full “Uniquely Yours” (their most expensive plan excluding the “Uniquely Yours Plus”) on Nutrisystem cost only $349 a month, which is roughly $87.25 a week. That’s a big difference in price.


  • High-quality food prepared by food experts.
  • No 30-day commitment required.
  • A large selection of foods on the menu.


  • Some plans cost twice as much as Nutrisystem.

Bottom Line

Those who are willing to invest more for high-quality food may prefer the BistroMD plan. It’s not designed to promote quick weight loss, but it will certainly help you lose weight over time. You just need to make sure you can afford to stick with the plan for the long haul.

Ready to start your BistroMD journey? 

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Final Thoughts

Both of these diets brings something unique to the table. Nutrisystem is affordable, has decent food, and is specifically designed to help customers lose weight over the course of a month.

BistroMD has higher quality food and helps customers gradually lose weight over time.

Our Top Choice? Nutrisystem…

At the end of the day, Nutrisystem remains the superior choice. Their food may not be as high-quality as BistroMD, but it is still delicious and has a very long track-record of helping people reach their weight loss goals.

Ready to finally reach your weight loss goals?

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